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Abiy Tsom (Lent) 2014 (Ethiopian Orthodox)

Feb 24, 2014 - April 20, 2014; Ethiopian Orthodox Great Holy Lent Fast lasting 55 days, culminating on Easter day, April 20th.

Ethiopian Easter

Feb 24 - April 20, 2014 is the Ethiopian Orthodox Great Holy Lent Fast lasting 55 days culminating on Easter, observed by followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The fast:

  • Is applicable to all persons older than 13 years of age
  • involves total abstention from: meat, dairy products and eggs instead, cereals and vegetables will be consumed
  • only one meal a day is eaten, taken in the evening or after 3:00pm starting on Good Friday to Easter Sunday (April 18-20, 2014), there is total abstention from everything taken orally. Nothing is to be consumed.
  • on other Saturdays and Sundays during Lent, eating breakfast is allowed.

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